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October 18, 2012

Members Matter Most - International Credit Union Day 2012Credit unions and their members around the world celebrate International Credit Union (ICU) Day on the third Thursday of October to raise awareness about the great work that credit unions are doing and give members the opportunity to get more involved!

Credit unions and associations in every part of the world celebrate the day with open houses, contests and picnics, fairs, festivals and parades; others hold athletic competitions and essay or art contests for young members. Public gatherings with visiting dignitaries have effectively attracted media attention and public involvement, as have educational and public service events.

As we celebrate International Credit Union Day this October, we celebrate, with more than 186 million people worldwide, that we’re all part in making sure that members matter most. On October 18, take the opportunity to remind your current members why they belong to a credit union and show your appreciation for their membership!

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