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alianza-001Mountain West Credit Union Association, in cooperation with the World Council of Credit Unions, has entered into a new partnership with Federation Alianza.  Federation Alianza, is a credit union federation, much like a state league, located in central Mexico in the city of Leon.  Federation Alianza is comprised of 21 credit unions with around $600 million USD in assets, operating in 8 states in Mexico. In 2010, the 21 credit unions served more than 350,000 members with 174 points of service. 

This new partnership between Mountain West Credit Union Association and Federation Alianza will help build a stronger worldwide credit union movement by fostering and sharing information with member credit unions in Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming.  alianza-003The first meeting of our new partners took place September 10th - 14th.  The Alianza team met with the Association team in both Arizona and Colorado and received several presentations on how our Association operates.  Additionally, The Alianza team met with TruWest Credit union in Phoenix, and Denver Community Credit Union in Denver.  A very special thanks to both Dan Desmond and Carla Hedrick for all their help they provided and the useful information the Alianza team took away from their visits to the two credit unions.

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